I asked a famous author, this question.

This journey is not only for me. This journey is for every writer and aspiring one who feels at home in the writing industry. At first, I thought I can’t share my thoughts. The sea of better writers out there is greater.

However, you will never know your ability, if you don’t start at all.

I remembered asking a famous author before, “How long does it take you to finish your book?”

But, the author didn’t respond, probably because of writing, work, or life’s duties. …

You’re Welcome

The portal of acceptance,

just lured me to the world

where meaningful words

and expressions live

There’s more to this world

than the sea of thoughts

that’s looking for a place in our hearts

Here again, to discover my way around

Here’s my recent blog:

Just a typical life story, when everything seems like a rollercoaster.

These past few days, I keep on sleeping as if I don’t want to face any more day or to wake up at any moment.

Is this just me?

Sometimes, when I wake up, I pull myself down and sleep again. I started living inside my dream, where different types of places and scenarios exist.

Off to some places I have never been before.

It’s a bit different now.

I know I have to accomplish some tasks and move forward. So, I tried to practice waking up as if I won’t go back to sleep anymore at a specific time.

A Poem

I just missed writing poetry.

She’s looking elsewhere for a clue

A clue that will set her free

With nothing to document yet,

her eyes were drawn on the page

A few minutes later,

she was determined by her thoughts,

by the stars, and the moon at night

Those magnificent lights

The truth is, you want your words to be heard

Like the music someone else listens through

Smiling happily in your heart

Just like her, you want your wishes to come true.

Here’s my recent blog:

Let it flow naturally

As I am writing this piece, there are different thoughts that collide within this space.

The irony is despite the multitude of words, sometimes there’s nothing even more to write. Searching for a way out should be inevitable this time.

There are days or times in which you just have to let your words flow along with your thoughts. This is a form of sharing your point of view. I guess, writers have their secrets to make their writings bloom and grow.

Let It Flow Naturally

Have you gone through times in which you don’t feel to write yet? …

From far far away

There is always this distant dream we’re looking after.

What is your distant dream? It actually varies for each and every one. For some, is to find peace of mind. For others, is to overcome a long period of anxiety, have greater opportunities, and so on.

Why is it called a “distant dream?” It’s the type of dream that’s beyond our reach yet in the present. In order to achieve this, we keep on walking or running further the route towards it.

Our eyes became fixed to that paradise from a distance. …

Where are you at?

How does it feel to be here?

Sometimes it’s sad, and sometimes it’s blissful. It really depends. But I’ve learned a lot from this road. Imagination, memories, and reality can be my friends. Some memories are starting to fade, though.

This road doesn’t most likely conform but teaches us. It can bring out the best qualities we might have preserved in our hearts or minds. Probably, there’s a hidden gem. You might even find yourself knowing that walking on this road can be your purpose.

There are different types of stories around. There are ones that can make you realize…

#don’t waste your time

Note: The owner of this post requested me to edit and share. We hope everyone who reads can learn from these thoughts.

Thoughts by: Wisdomist

I used to think about doing Youtube, speaking English, and Web blog in the hope of profit from Google AdSense or being a traffic holder.

But actually getting it is very difficult. So sweet that many people do it themselves. When you try to do it for real, we missed out on the subtleties that weren’t mentioned in the reviews. It’s very difficult. Some people sit and upload clips to youtube for 5 months in…

That’s why we ask or do our research. Sometimes, we seek solitude within ourselves.

We don’t hold all of the answers to this world.

It’s good news for the reason that we are learning to navigate further in life. But sometimes, we have to fail and undergo series of efforts having to require time and patience in order to better understand what we truly need.

We still have to walk the arduous path of life.

Doesn’t matter if you’re in a millionaire squad. Even though that’s the case, there are things that can’t simply go on your way. Something is still missing or something is already there, you just don’t give enough attention.


Give yourself space and time

We sure have a lot of things in mind. But how can we prevent ourselves from overthinking too much?

Relaxing your mind applies not only before you sleep in the evening. You can also have a schedule for this practice. There are countless thoughts that can travel in our minds. Some of those we just wanted to forget and others are duties we have to remember.

There are times which we just wanted to be alone. However, listening to our thoughts can either inspire or stress us over. But how many of these thoughts aren’t necessary?

Sometimes, we need to…

Rose Lee

Author of The Writer’s Journey — https://amzn.to/2UWik32

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